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Career Decision: An Unending Battle

A career decision is like a never-ending battle of a students life. At a tender school-going age, a child is often stressed by various questions regarding his or her planned career path. These questions are often asked by parents, relatives and society in general. A promptly given answer for such questions turns into a life decision for parents as well the student. These answers are given with regard to the environment the student has lived in until that moment or else the impression the concerned parents have developed seeing their children grow over the years.

Such career decisions generally constitute wishes the parents have had regarding their child’s career choice. But the parents, the relatives, the society do not consider keenly analyze the capabilities and perceptions the student possesses to pursue a particular career path or a profession.

The conventional model of tests and analysis such as aptitude and psychometric tests to evaluate an individual’s aptitude and intellect are not effective enough to judge the changing attributes of that particular person.

There are various shortcomings of psychometric tests such as they lack accuracy, the subject is bound to give wrong answers that are desired for better results, in a culturally diverse country like India the cultural environment and surroundings differ for every individual which leads to more complexity in judgement. 

The best career decision if has to be taken depend upon logic and a detailed analysis of an individual by expertise. The only parameter considered in India for career decisions is based on the family background and desires led by the parents.

A career decision should always reflect what the individual student is, what he or she wants, what does today’s rapidly changing career landscape look like. It finally comes down to making decisions based on discussions and reasoning performed by a skilled professional career advisor.

The crucial framework of understanding ourselves and taking our consciousness into scrutiny helps to gain much more clarity. To gain such a form of evaluation, the individual should experience an actual real-life experience of a workplace that coincides with the career path considered by the individual or his/her parents. This experience helps the individual to precisely understand the pros and cons of a particular career path. 

There are various educational counsellors and consultancies which provide support to students for their further course of career choices. But the commercial and professional outlook of these counsellors makes things more complex for students than being simplified.

The personal form of understanding is being ignored at such big consultancies, where the mere purpose of guiding and enhancing the student is neglected in a rush and longing to somehow grow their business by claiming to admit maximum students.

However, there are still some career counsellors who strive to be more than a bare counsellor to every student who comes to them for guidance, not just for a career but also for personal choices and decisions which somehow influence career interests and choices. This personal approach not just enhances career choices but also brings about a discernible change in the student at his performance and also as an individual.

One such career counsellor and career coach are Miss Vinni Shah, a passionate coach in student educational counselling. She is the founder of Aara Consultancy, a place for students and parents to bond on a very important decision of a student’s life that’s his career. 

Aara Consultancygives unbiased opinions based on student’s strengths and weaknesses and help them choose a career path wisely so that, there are no regrets later. They simplify the student’s task of making a difficult choice between the various options, as our lives are the reflections of the choices we make.

Miss Vinni Shah is a chartered accountant (CA) and certified financial planner (CFP) and bachelor of commerce (Bcom) by qualification, Miss Shah left a dream job at Ernst and Young (EY), one of the Big 4 CA firms in the world, where she was working as a Risk Advisory Consultant, to pursue her passion of guiding students at various milestones of their professional career.

Miss Shah has experience of over 1 year at Imperial Overseas Consultancy whereby she has guided 300+ students towards their optimum career paths. She has guided the students with the entire application process so that they secure admissions to their dream universities in various countries such as the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia and other European nations.

She has developed a comprehensive approach by intensive research and conversation with various successful students and education institutions which, not only helps in choosing the optimal stream for the 10thgrade pass out students but also guides them throughout their career path. 

The Reasons why Education Counselling is a crucial step in career selection:

  1. Unawareness of facts- Most of the times, parents as well as students are unaware of the facts and figures due to which they underestimate or even overestimate any course. 
  2. Herd mentality- Due to unawareness, parents-students simply follow other students footsteps without realizing whether a student is interested or not. 
  3. Availability of options- There are myriad options at the disposal of students. At times, it becomes difficult for the student to choose. Especially for the students who are good at all the subjects. 
  4. No sense of realization- Most the times, a student doesn’t know what his/her interests are. A good education counsellor will make them realize what he/she is best suited for based for his profile. 
  5. Matter of career- Last but not the least, it’s the matter of some students career, so its always better to consult some educated and experienced person before taking any step. 

The Way Aara Consultancy enriches Student experience:

  • Counselling to the students would be provided based on the attributes, interests, socio economic background and the feasibility of the course of each student. 
  • As 10th, 12th is the most important milestone of the child’s life, it becomes very important that the decision is wisely taken considering the above factors. Unlike others, marks will hardly be considered as a measure to judge the students interests. 
  • The recommendation won’t be limited only to commerce, science, arts. A proper flowchart would be given to the students at the end of the counselling session wherein students will be given a recommended path based on the discussion. Abroad options would also be considered while giving the recommendations as Vinni Shah is an overseas education consultant as well. 
  • Recommendation would be practically given and will be not driven by any emotions. Students would be recommended on what they should do in the bachelors in order to get the best university for masters abroad. Students would be also be informed on the process if they want to go abroad for their bachelors itself. The counselling would be tailor made based on each student. 

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