Career Development Workshop

What is This Workshop ?

Day 1 : Evaluation of Potential Profession

Awareness of various options in detail throwing light on the job opportunities attributes required, future scope, etc. Aara covers different unconventional options such as Liberal arts, biotechnology, cinematography, direction, etc too.

Therefore Aara is the first choice as an abroad education counselor because we have a wide knowledge of some unconventional study options.

Day 2 : Activities day

As a recognized education counseling service we need to know the capabilities of every student. For that matter, we conduct various activities and sessions.

Different interactive and knowledgeable activities would be conducted to understand the nature and attributes of every student. Activities such as how to crack an internship, how to advertise a product are some of the activities conducted. Each and every activity has a “take away” as well which is very beneficial for the overall career growth.

Day 3 : Speaking your Heart Out

On this day, we ask the student to speak about their expectations and their perceptions towards their career. As we do counseling for abroad education, we need to understand these things also. The first two days are also given to research the various career options of their interest as discussed on Day 1(this will help us to plan a better education counseling strategy).

There would be a one on one counseling session with the student on this day. At the end of this day, every student would be damn sure about the career path he/she is interested to take. Also, we get an idea about how to give the best career guidance to the student.

Day 4 : Interaction with Industry Experts

Students will be given an opportunity to interact with executives of different business conclaves. They will talk with the experts in various fields and understand the real work-life scenario from them.  

Day 5 : Personal Counseling

On the final day, we counsel each student with their parents to provide them their career graph and clear vision.

Why choose Aara Consultancy for career counseling?

Counseling to the students would be provided based on their interests, socio economic background and the feasibility of the course based on the nature of each student.As 10th& 12th are the most important milestones of every child’s early academic life, it is of paramount importance that the decision is wisely taken considering the above factors. Unlike others, marks will hardly be considered as a measure to judge the student’s interests. Moreover,the recommendations won’t be just limited to commerce, science& arts so that every Aaracounselled student stays ahead of the curve.

A proper flowchart is given to the students at the end of the counselling session wherein students will be given a recommended path based on the discussion. Abroad options would also be considered while suggesting options. Every recommendation would be practically given and will be not driven by any emotions. Students are advised on what they should do in the bachelors in order to get the best university for masters/MBA. Students would also be informed on the process if they want to go abroad for their bachelors itself. The counselling would be tailor made based on each student.


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