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Importance of Career Development and Choosing the Right Career

With the immense increase in competition, various industries across the world demand improving the career readiness of the youth. A high school diploma no longer guarantees you a job. A skilled student is appreciated in all workspaces. Career development skills enable individuals to take ownership of their career pathway. 

Career development results in positive student development. It results in improved interest and better academic performances. An effective career development plan helps students become more motivated, self-directed learners to achieve their own goals.


Work, Job, Occupation, Vocation, Career—What’s the Difference?

Work refers to the domain of life in which people provide services or create goods, typically (though not always) on a paid basis. In most societies, work is associated with the period of life after formal schooling (although some students engage in work as well as academic roles) and before retirement, or disengagement from work.

Job is a specific work position held over a defined period of time (e.g., being a quality inspector at one factory for 10 years). Although job and career are sometimes used synonymously in popular discourse, vocational psychologists often use the term career to refer to a sequence or collection of jobs one has held over the course of one’s work life.

In this sense, people may hold different types of jobs over the course of a single career. Other terms commonly used to refer to work behavior include occupation and vocation. Both of these terms are often used interchangeably with career.

What Is Career Choice and Development?

Career development can be seen as a process that encompasses much of the life span—one that begins in childhood (and includes the formal and informal experiences that give rise to talents, interests, values, and knowledge of the world of work), continues into adulthood via the progression of one’s career behavior and culminates with the transition into, and adjustment to, retirement.

Career choice may be seen as the process of selecting and entering a particular career path, whereas career development refers to one’s experience before, during, and (especially) after career choice.

Here is why career development is important along with choosing the right career:

  • It allows individuals to discover their individuality, what they like and what they excel at.
  • It helps you see the link between their coursework and goals for the future. It enhances their strengths to help moves toward their desired future.
  • It helps them exposure possible jobs available for them aligning with their interest, skills, and work ethics.
  • Students benefit from career development by building a portfolio to guide them through high school graduation, higher education, employment, or entrepreneurship.
  • A constructive career affects all stages of our lives – personal, social & professional.
  • A good career choice directly affects our social status, friends, standard of living, social circle etc.
  • Your career choice will decide how much time you have to spend with your family, friends and close ones.
  • You will get an happy and comfortable atmosphere at your workplace if you choose a right suitable career.
  • If we choose a career in which we are interested in, we are more likely to work with perfection and finesse. It’ll also help to boost your confidence and slef esteem.

What if we choose a unsuitable career:

If we select a career which can’t able to give us self satisfaction then-

  1. You’ll get bored of your work.
  2. Life will get boring and unhappy.
  3. Boredom will lead to frustration and anger issues.
  4. Such anger, anxiety and depression will become big hurdles of simple and healthy life.

Keep this things in mind before choosing your career:

  1. Your Interest.
  2. Your specialties/Aptitude
  3. Your Intelligence level
  4. Your academic achievements/ grades.
  5. Individual personality, ethics & values.
  6. Financials.
  7. Details of the course you are going to persue.
  8. Potential employment rate after completion of cource.
  9. Opportunites of self employment & business.

Our goal at Aara Consultancy is to inspire students to turn their passion, talent, and abilities into meaningful careers. Career Development is an informed decision-making process and one that should be focused on by students. Feel free to write to us to understand the process better and let us help you build an indestructible future.

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