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Most Unusual Master’s Program that you Haven’t Heard of!

What is the most unusual master’s program available around the world?  With over uncountable postgraduate programs offered around the world, it is almost impossible to answer this question. A degree not only helps you build a career around your skills but also enhances your ability to stand out from the crowd and be confident in your personality. Having thoroughly researched from various sources, we bring to you a comprehensive list of unfamiliar and unique degree programs you haven’t heard of before. 

1. Air Transport with Helicopter Training

Most Unusual Master’s Program

The first degree of this most unusual master’s program list is ” Air transport and helicopter training”. Do you want to fly a helicopter all by yourself? Doesn’t it sound like the most unusual master’s program?. The Buckinghamshire New University offers a master’s degree that allows you to study ‘Air Transport with Helicopter Pilot training’ to fulfill your dream of soaring high in the sky. Once you complete the course, you could be hired as a Helicopter Pilot. Along with the high-class training, you also learn about finances, airline management, and so on.

2. Horology 


The only course offered at Birmingham City. Horology is the study of time! Blending the art and science of time measurement, the degree allows you to build a decent career in the luxury watch industry or helps you start your independent business. 

3. Viticulture and Oenology

The degree in Viticulture and Oenology relates to the study of wine-making and the science behind wine. A BSc (Hons) degree is offered by the wine department at Plumpton College, England. This degree educates you about the science of grape-growing and wine-making. With this degree, you can build a flourishing career in the wine industry. After your bachelor’s, you can work as a vineyard manager and a wine-maker.

4. Ethical Hacking

You might wonder if hacking can be ethical at all. The University of Abertay at Dundee offers a degree that teaches you the ethics of unethical hacking. If you are someone who is tech-savvy and derives pleasure in unraveling the mysteries around online security, this degree fits you best. According to a recent survey, Ethical Hacking poses a high employment rate among recent graduates. 

5. Animal Behavior and Psychology

This program is truly the most unique master’s program. You must have heard of Animal Whisperers. With the Animal Behavior and Psychology program, at the University of Chester, you can discover about animal personalities, their thoughts, and behavior process. With the focus on wild animals wandering on free lands, the course offers scope in international fieldwork.

So here’s the end of this interesting master’s program list and we hope that this information creates some value for our readers. Specialization in unheard-of courses can always seem intimidating at first but with enough hard work, the future can be magnificent.

Being an expert in a niche area always results in a well-paid, well-deserved job. Our experts at Aara Consultancy will help you find your niche. Feel free to write to us in case of any further questions.

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