Profile Building

Importance of Profile Building:-

While applying to your dream university, there are several applicants along with you having the same eagerness in their eyes and passion in their mind. What distinguishes you from the crowd is your attention-grabbing profile. What makes each student different is their unique selling point coupled with aneye – catching resume.

There are quite a few questions already popping your mind, aren’t they?

Let’s have a look at some of the most common issues faced by students during this profile building process:

  • Are my academic scores decent enough to meet the course criteria?
  • How can I prepare for my English Proficiency Test in the best manner?
  • Is it mandatory to appear for GMAT/GRE and what are the ideal scores?
  • What can make my SOP non-generic and stand out from the rest?
  • What are the basic points to be considered while preparing the resume?

While counseling, we come across several students with low academic scores, backlogs and gap in education. That is the time we look for other elements in the profile that can exhibit a positive rapport of the student in front of the admissions committee. We discuss with the students the various options to take care of the above questions and suggest suitable options to make his profile stand out. Our general adviceis to take up practical projects during their under-graduate studies, apply for numerous internships and gather as much relevant practical experience as much possible.

No wonder, we successfully manage to target the top institutes around the world like UC Berkley, Georgia Tech, Dartmouth etc for students with below average grades by working on their overall profiles.

How do we help you in building your Profile?

Profile Building and Profile Projection are vital aspects of an oustanding application. We at Aara Consultancy not only help you in building your profile but also provide you with tips and tricks to project it in the most suitable way.Our profile building exercise includes :

Cost Estimation :

We understand the hardship of getting in to your dream university, and those innumberable hopes attached to it. Therefore, at Aara we provide estimate tution cost and living expenses to students and allow them to make wise career decisions and pre-plan their finances.

Selection of suitable course :  

 We believe in the saying that every student is unique, and therefore we tend to provide career choices based on their profile and personal choice.

Provide Internship/Work Opportunity : 

Along with building strong academic foundation, we encourage students to opt for internships and gain practical work experience. Additionally, we help them secure internships abroad as well in select countries.

Availability of Options :

We know your dreams are boundriless, and so is our counselling services. We provide you with umpteen career choices, and guide you in choosing the most suitable one for you.

Realization of Interest :  

Our career counselling is specially designed to let you realize your true potential and strengths. Our sessionsprovides you with an ultimate career graph, helping you realize your interest and work towards pursuing your professional goals.

Coaching for Entrance Test Prep :

We also provide coaching facilaties to students and help them with entrance test preparation. Our expert tutors render professional coaching to students, helping them to flourish in their overall career.

Creating SOP :  

We also draft SOPs and other essays from scratch based on your unique profile, helping you create a lasting impression on the admission committee. This sets you apart from the boring and cliched statements that the committee is bored of reading now.

Resume Formation :

At Aara, We also help in crafting your resume, highlighting your potent abilities and clear vision.


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