Writing SOP (Statement of Purpose) & LOR (Letter of Recommendation)

Writing SOP (Statement of Purpose) & LOR (Letter of Recommendation)


Letter of Recommendation (LOR) is a letter written by your refrees (either your teachers or employer) which states your capabilities and talents, not only in academics but also as a person, it includes your achievements during your tenure as observed by your respective refree.

Statement of purpose (SOP) is a very important document when it comes to the application procedure, while your GRE/GMAT score shows your aptitude and problem solving skills, your SOP shows your intent.

It is the only true subjective aspect of your application.

Here are some tips on how to write an effective SOP?

  • It must reflect your aspirations and potential dream clearly, you wouldn’t want to seem as if you have no vision for your future.
  • Don’t flood the document with high-vocab words just to impressthe receipient. Be yourself, that’s what makes it unique.
  • Your SOP should have a personal touch to it, it shouldn’t come off as a general essay.
  • Avoid deliberately addressing all of your weaknesses , but elaborate all of your strengths.
  • Do not start your SOP with cliche quotes such as “We only live once, but if done right, once is enough” .
  • You should really emphasise on the reasons involved for you to take up this course, it shouldn’t seem like you’re opting it just for the heck of it.

Aara education consultancy helps in building a personalized, customized, effective SOP which will stand apart from the other applicants in the university. Based on the students input, we draft a perfect SOP for the students. And we even make changes till the student is not satisfied. 

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