Profile Building

Profile Building


With a rising trend of securing good marks in schools and graduation, a profile laced with high scores is just not enough. This calls for a more creative method of evaluation by universities to select students who are "Best amongst the lot". AARA will help you build a profile, such that replies by universities to your application mail start with "Congratulations" instead of "We regret to inform".

We are there to create an ideal profile such that it becomes difficult for universities to reject your applications, providing you with all possibilities of things which can possibly go wrong. Your profile will be transformed in a way that you can easily stand out and outshine other students. For such an experience, or if you want to know how to avoid possible mistakes, we are here to tell you. 9 times out of 10, the reason you didn’t get the seat because you didn’t give the university, the information they were looking for. Or in other words, they didn’t hear what they needed to hear, to be convinced that you would be a positive addition for them.

We will recommend students on the following :

1) Extracurriculur activities 

2) Academic courses 

3) Scores to target

4) Timelines of the entrances exams and applications

5) Counselling on the course selection 

6) How to make a strong SOP 

We will make sure that the student plans his profile in a way that he ends up getting his desired university. Aara consultancy gives unbiased recommendations in this regard. A students career is of utmost importance. We will make sure that students get the best out of their careers. This can happen only when correct efforts are put at correct places.  

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