Career Counselling

Career Counselling



Counseling to every student would be provided based on the following 4 factors- interests, socio-economic background and the feasibility of the course based on the nature of each student. 

As 10th & 12th grade is the most important milestone of the child's life, it becomes very important that the decision is wisely taken, considering the above factors. Unlike other counselors, marks will hardly be considered as a measure to judge any students' interests.

The recommendations won't be limited merely to the popular trio of Commerce, Science & Arts. A proper flowchart would be given to every student at the end of the counseling session, wherein students will be given a recommended path based on the discussion. Abroad options would also be considered while giving such recommendations.

Recommendations would be practically given and will be not driven by any emotions. Students would be recommended on what they should do in their bachelors, in order to grab the best university, for masters abroad. Students would be also be informed on the process if they want to go abroad for their bachelors itself. The counseling would be tailor-made, involving a healthy discussion based on the requirements of each student, rather than a simple one-sided lecture.

Why Education Counselling is required?

1) Unawareness of facts: Most of the times, parents, as well as students, are unaware of the facts and figures due to which they underestimate or even overestimate any course.

2) Herd mentality: Due to unawareness, parents-students simply follow other students footsteps without realizing whether a student is interested or not & if the course is apt for him/her.

3) Availability of options: There are myriad options available at the disposal of students. At times, it becomes difficult for the student to choose. Especially for the students who are good at all the subjects.

4) No sense of realization: Most of the times, a student doesn’t know what his/her interests are. A good education counselor will make them realize what he/she is best suited for, based on his/her profile.

5) Matter of career: Last but not least, it’s a matter of any student's career, so its always better to consult some educated and experienced professional, before taking any steps.

We at Aara conduct a practical form of career counseling helping students get an insight into various professions and careers available at their disposal. For a better analysis of the student and to provide them with in-depth information and knowledge about their career choices. We pointedly do not conduct psychometric or aptitude test as it displays wrong and conventional results for students which are finite with specific and stereotype career choices and professions. We carry out two ways of counseling for our students.

Personal one-on-one counselling

One of the ways is a personal one on one counseling session where our founder counsels the student face to face along with the student’s parents for evaluation of the student's attributes and natures which gives detailed scrutiny of the student’s capabilities and acumen possessed by them. One on one counseling gives individual advisement for the students who need career consultation on a one to one personal level. It also involves doubt clarification regarding various streams and careers with parents and the student. 

Career Counselling workshop

Another way is a career counseling workshop which is organized every week for five days. These five days consist of and involve various activities of self-evaluation of every student in a practical and analytical manner.

The Five Day Career Counselling Workshop consists of the following activities:

Day 1

Evaluation of Potential Profession

Evaluation of various professions with regards to what type of work every profession involves wherein student’s research on different professions.
Day 2
Different Activities involved in understanding the nature and attributes of every student
Day 3
Speaking your Heart Out
On this day we ask our reach student to speak about their expectations and their perceptions towards their career.
Day 4
Co-Work Place
Students are taken to co-workplace where they get an opportunity to interact with executives of different business conclaves.
Day 5
Personal Counselling
On the final day, we counsel each student with their parents to provide them their career graph and clear vision. 


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