Studying Abroad: not just a dream anymore!

The Indian thought process is much filled with myths than information and intelligence. One such myth is about the concept of studying abroad for higher education. There are various misconceptions and misunderstandings.

There is a dire need for these misconceptions and misunderstandings to be amended. There is a long list of misunderstandings amongst Indian parents and students which I would like to put light on. With a growth in admits and career blooming opportunities in foreign countries there is an acute need for these misunderstandings to be redressed. 

The very first misconceptions Indians have is about the expenses, they believe that there is always a huge amount of fortune involved in sending a student abroad to study. But we should not avoid such opportunities and dream if there is a firm belief in one’s candidature.

There are various ways and means that could alter such monetary issues like fully funded scholarships, studying and look for low tuition fee countries i.e. Germany, managing living expenses with part-time student jobs. 

Another confusion is regarding the form of courses offered abroad, a very typical pre decided notion is that abroad studies are tougher in nature than Indian education.

Truth of the matter is that the simplified and practical driven approach of modules and curriculum makes abroad studies a cherry on the cake. The amazing process of nurturing the intelligence of students in a professional manner making each one of them capable and industry ready for future prospects.

The dynamic way of teaching in abroad countries makes a student proficient to work and grow in different cultures and in a skillful way. The proficiency of a student is tested in a better manner as compared to the proficiency growth in India.

The Indian system follows much more of a traditional form of approach towards education which involves primarily theoretical manner of teaching where there is minimal amount of practical or professional exposure to the student which is duly needed by an individual to have a better perception and perspectives about things professionally.

This makes a lot of difference for individuals living and way of life. The core ideals of a student are carved and engraved in a form which is impressive to see after having an international education and exposure. 

Also the nature of the professors or the faculty which students studying abroad come in contact with are of great experience and worldly knowledge. This is possible because of the interaction and synergy they go through dealing with and teaching students of various cultural backgrounds and traditions.

The accomplishments of these teaching faculties in international universities is outstanding and remarkable. The difference in faculty also makes a huge impact as the depth of knowledge and experience which is an attractive attribute for the students who are under their wings.

The faculty also turns out to be a life coach for them, the level of attachment grows eventually giving the student a fantastic level of guidance not only in relation to career but also guidance for a better life and career path. 

One more ambiguity is the job prospects which come with these education. Parents and students are always doubtful of the job opportunities which are available after the completion of the course as there is a huge amount of fortune riding on the education, so the parents primarily look forward to have a beneficial career for the students.

To be really assured there are think tanks and career fairs conducted by all international universities and colleges supported by work visa in the respective countries. All major governments of countries have made it a rule for educational institutions to provide for standardized and appropriate jobs for their graduates. 

If these ambiguities are been avoided there is another list of genuine advantages that makes ‘studying abroad’ a most attractive and profitable decision for a student life.

One of these advantages is that an international experience looks really good on one’s C.V., the student get more and more command on their language skills, living in a foreign country also gives a better experience towards oneself as an individual, the student meets a diverse range of people and understand different cultures and traditions, a student as an individual gains independence on their living and studying, it also increases international job prospects. 

There is a need to resolve these misunderstandings prevalent among Indian students and parents, which could be solved in a better way through consultancies which provide end to end solutions in overseas education, right from the counselling, selecting of country, courses, institutes to all the procedures of getting the candidate ready for an international experience and also the immigration processes required. 

Aara Consultancy is the best consultancy to provide all these services together to provide end to end guidance uptil the student flies and even after that. There is a huge requirements of skilled immigrants in various countries. 

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