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Importance of Statements of Purpose

Statements of Purpose, SOP is an important document when you apply for universities abroad. It is believed that these personal statements are your chance to stand out in front of the admissions committee. It is a word map to your personality, and a chance to augment your creative capabilities and talents. The universities in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia require the student to submit an SOP for most of their graduate programs. While universities in Germany require a ‘Letter of Motivation’, a similar document. However, most undergraduate programs expect personal essays or statements specified by various institutions.

When drafting an SOP, our aim at Aara is to understand the student and bring out their unique self. We strive to draft a distinct letter for every individual student to help them stand out. While there is no specific weightage when it comes to admissions, a statement of purpose can make or break the deal for a student to acquire and be accepted at their dream university.

University Specific Essays :

University Essays enhance your profile and exceptionally increase your chances of getting to your dream university. The universities in the USA, Canada, and the UK are some of the most preferred destinations. They demand the student to be an all-rounder.

Besides, crafting the Statements of Purpose, our experts at Aara help you prepare personalized essays based on the university requirements keeping in mind the word limits. We believe in preparing essays so that demonstrate your strengths and personality and help you get an opportunity to experience the world around you.

Many undergraduate and MBA admissions make it mandatory to submit these unique essays whereas many postgraduate programs have these for select universities. All in all, the uniqueness in these statements can help you outscore your fellow applicants and get you closer to your aspirations.


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