One on One Counseling

Why is career counseling important ? 

Most often than not parents and students are unaware of the facts about a course and they end up underestimating or overestimating any course.

Herd Mentality :

Due to lack of awareness, parents and students follow other students’ footsteps without realizing whether their interests match or not.

Availability Of Options :

There are myriad options to choose from and at times, it becomes difficult for the student to make the right choice especially if they have multiple interests and are excellent academically.

Realizing Interests :

A good education counselor will help students realize what their best-suited interests are based on their profile.

Career Oriented :

With a student’s career in mind, it is advisable to consult someone with enough experience in the field.

What approach does Aara consultancy use to counsel the students??

At Aara, we do not believe in obtaining results via an aptitude or psychometric test. We are aware and updated on the options available to students to help them know about the field they wish to pursue. Our experts provide knowledge to the students about the various career fields available at their disposal and the required attributes. Based on the same, students are convinced of the ideal career option for them. Our experts believe in providing a complete glimpse of how they could go ahead with the option, the relevant entrance exams, universities to be targeted, postgraduate options, job opportunities, etc. Both Indian and International options are discussed with regards to a particular career option and finally, a comprehensive career path is recommended.

Here’s how we Counsel students at Aara:

Personal one-on-one counselling :

With a Personal, One-on-One Counseling Session, we counsel the students face-to-face along with their parents for evaluation of their attributes, aptitudes, and nature. This helps us obtain detailed scrutiny of the student’s capabilities and acumen. One-on-One Counseling helps us give individual advice for students who need career consultation on a personal level. It also involves doubt clarification regarding various streams and careers involving both the parents and the student. After the session, we provide various links to make it easier for the student to research the discussed options. Profile building is one of the important sections as part of this counseling session. It involves a one-time counseling fee and students are allowed to be in touch and can ask about their concerns anytime.

When should you consider getting a Counseling Session?

1. Pursuing 8th-10th
2. Pursuing 10th-12th
3. Pursuing After 12th
4. When you’re a working professional looking for a change in your career path.


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